The Oakley Men's Standard Kana 21" 2.0 Boardshort: Surfs Up, Dude!

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If you're a surfer like me, you know that the right boardshorts can make all the difference on the waves. And let me tell you, the Oakley Men's Standard Kana 21" 2.0 Boardshort is the real deal. These shorts are perfect for any type of surfer, from the pro WSL rankings guys like Sage Erickson and Shane Dorian to us regular surf captains just looking to catch some South Swell waves.

First off, the Kana 2.0's are super comfortable and stretchy, so you can move around freely without feeling restricted. They dry quickly too, which is great for those surfaris where you're in and out of the water all day. The 21" length is perfect for keeping you covered while still showing off those leg muscles you've been working on at the Ron Jon Surf Shop locations.

Another thing I love about these boardshorts is the design. The colors are bold and eye-catching, with a cool pattern that reminds me of the yin and yang of Gerry Lopez. You'll definitely get some compliments from the other surfers at the beach, or even on Reddit Surfing if you're brave enough to share your #surfingnearme pics.

Of course, no boardshort review would be complete without a pro-con list. Here's what I've got:

- Comfortable and stretchy
- Quick-drying
- Great design

- Some may find the pattern too bold for their taste

In conclusion, if you're looking for a reliable and stylish pair of boardshorts to take on your next surf adventure, the Oakley Men's Standard Kana 21" 2.0 Boardshort is a solid choice. Whether you're hitting up Kandui Resort or just searching for some used surf at your local shop, these shorts will have you looking and feeling like a pro. So grab a pair, pop in your Surf Ears, and get ready to shred those waves. I give these boardshorts an 8 out of 10.

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