Cheers to the Patriot: A Review of the Hurley Men's Phantom Independence 20

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If you're a surfer who loves to show off his patriotism while shredding the gnar, then the Patriot Cheers 20" Board Shorts by Hurley are the perfect fit for you! Made with lightweight, quick-drying fabric, these board shorts are designed to keep you comfortable both in and out of the water.

One of the best features of the Patriot Cheers 20" Board Shorts is their longer length. At 20 inches, they provide extra coverage that will keep you feeling confident and stylish, regardless of how big the waves get. Plus, the transition from water to sand is a breeze with these shorts. They're designed to dry quickly, so you won't be stuck in wet shorts for hours after your surf sesh is over.

Another feature that we love about the Patriot Cheers 20" Board Shorts is their eye-catching design. The red, white, and blue color scheme will have you feeling like a true American hero, and the Hurley logo on the leg adds a touch of surf pro cool to the mix.

Who are these board shorts a good fit for? Well, pretty much any surfer who wants to look and feel his best in the line-up. If you're heading out to the US Open of Surfing, or just catching some waves at your local break, the Patriot Cheers 20" Board Shorts are sure to turn heads.

- Lightweight, quick-drying fabric
- Longer length provides extra coverage
- Eye-catching design that celebrates patriotism and surf culture

- Some users have noted that the sizing can run a bit small, so consider sizing up when ordering

In conclusion, the Patriot Cheers 20" Board Shorts by Hurley are a fantastic choice for surfers who want to showcase their patriotic spirit while riding the waves. With their quick-drying fabric, longer length, and stylish design, these board shorts are a great addition to any surfer's wardrobe. So if you're ready to hit the beach and show off your surf soul, make sure to grab a pair of these shorts before your next surfari adventure!

Bottom line: 8.5/10

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