Cowabunga Dude: A Review of the Rip Curl Men's All Time Boardshort

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As a passionate surfer, I'm always on the hunt for the perfect boardshorts. That's why I was stoked to try out the Rip Curl Men's All Time Boardshorts, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint.

First off, these boardshorts are super comfortable and lightweight, which is perfect for those long surf sessions. They also have a four-way stretch that allows for maximum mobility, so you won't feel restricted when you're catching waves like Rob Machado or Kanoa Igarashi.

Another feature I appreciate about these boardshorts is the quick-drying fabric. There's nothing worse than sitting in soggy shorts all day, but with the All Time Boardshorts, you'll be dry in no time. Plus, they come in a variety of sick designs, so you can look as cool as Frosty Hesson while you're shredding.

These boardshorts would be a great fit for any surfer, whether you're a big wave rider like Nathan Florence or Justine Dupont, or a beginner like Ben Gravy. They're perfect for any type of wave conditions, whether you're surfing the Surf Ranch or tackling Mavericks like a pro.

- Comfortable and lightweight
- Four-way stretch for maximum mobility
- Quick-drying fabric
- Sick designs

- Slightly on the pricey side

In conclusion, I highly recommend the Rip Curl Men's All Time Boardshorts for any surfer looking for a comfortable, stylish, and high-quality pair of shorts. They're perfect for traveling and surfing the world, whether you're checking the tide on Swellinfo or Storm Surf. So if you're ready to take your surfing game to the next level, grab a pair of these boardshorts and hit the waves like Bruce Irons or Griffin Colapinto.

Bottom Line: 8.5/10

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