Aloha, Surfers! Mark Davis here, ready to talk about the Springhall Diving

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First off, let's talk about the material. The premium neoprene 3mm is top-notch quality, keeping you warm and comfortable in even the coldest of waters. The two-piece design is also a game-changer, allowing for maximum mobility and flexibility while shredding those waves. And let's not forget about the sleek design, which is sure to turn heads out on the water.

This wetsuit is perfect for any surfer who's serious about catching some big waves. Whether you're a big wave surfer like Nathan Florence or Gorka Ezkurdia, or a pro like Kelly S or Bruce Irons, this wetsuit has got you covered. Even up-and-comers like Griffin Colapinto and Noa Igarashi would benefit from this suit's performance and style.

Of course, with any product, there are pros and cons. Here's the lowdown on the Springhall Diving Suits Apnea Complete Wetsuit:

- Premium neoprene 3mm material keeps you warm and comfortable
- Two-piece design allows for maximum flexibility and mobility
- Sleek design is sure to turn heads out on the water

- Limited color options

In conclusion, the Springhall Diving Suits Apnea Complete Wetsuit is an excellent choice for any serious surfer. With its premium neoprene 3mm material, two-piece design, and sleek style, this wetsuit is sure to help you catch those gnarly waves. So if you're ready to hit the water like Justine Dupont or Ben Gravy, give this wetsuit a try. You won't be disappointed.

Bottom line: 9/10

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