Get Radical with the Tyler Warren Shaper

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Are you tired of your boring old skateboard? Want to get radical and carve some sick lines like Bruce Irons or Ben Gravy? Then you need the Tyler Warren Shaper! This board is designed to be fast, loose, and agile, making it perfect for surfing the concrete waves.

Tyler Warren is a prodigy when it comes to shaping, and you can see that expertise on full display with this board. The 7-ply sustainable Canadian maple deck provides a sturdy base for your shredding, while the Carver C7/C2.4 6.5" trucks and Arbor Easyrider wheels make for a smooth ride.

Whether you're hitting up the local skatepark or cruising down the boardwalk, the Tyler Warren Shaper will have you feeling like you're at the Surf Ranch. It's perfect for those who want to combine their love of surfing with their love of skating.

- Sustainable materials
- Smooth ride
- Agile and fast
- Great for surfers who want to skate

- Pricey
- Might be too specialized for some

In conclusion, the Tyler Warren Shaper is a must-have for any surfer who wants to take their shredding to the next level. It's fast, fun, and easy to surf on concrete. So what are you waiting for? Grab one today and let's hit the streets!

Bottom Line: 8/10

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