Hang Ten, Dudes! TEAM MAGNUS Beach Towel is Here to Keep Your Little Surfer

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As a surfer dude myself, I know how important it is to have the right gear for a day out in the waves. And that's why I was stoked to find the TEAM MAGNUS Beach Towel – Hooded Towel for Kids 4'-5'6". This towel is the perfect accessory for any young grommet who loves hitting the surf.

First off, the hooded design is a game changer. It keeps your kid's head and neck warm and protected from the sun, wind, and chill. Plus, it adds a cool factor – they'll feel like they're one of their heroes, like Gerry Lopez, Jamie O'Brien, or Rob Machado, when they wrap themselves up in this hooded towel.

The size is also spot on. It fits kids from 4 to 5'6", so it's versatile and can grow with them. And the material is high quality, with 100% cotton that's thick and absorbent, so it dries them off quickly and keeps them cozy.

This towel is perfect for any young surfer who wants to look rad while hanging out at surf camp, at the beach, or even just chilling at the surfhouse. It's also a great gift for any young grom you know who's starting to get into the surfing lifestyle.

- Hooded design adds sun and wind protection and looks cool
- Versatile size fits kids from 4 to 5'6"
- High-quality cotton material is thick and absorbent

- Limited color options

In conclusion, the TEAM MAGNUS Beach Towel is a must-have for any young surfer who wants to look and feel like a pro. With its hooded design, versatile size, and high-quality material, it's a solid choice for any parent who wants to keep their kid dry and cozy at the beach. So grab one and hit the waves, or just chill on the beach and surf the internet for tips from Bruce Irons, Nathan Florence, or Justine Dupont.

BOTTOM LINE: 8.5 out of 10

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