Skate Like a Pro with the Magneto Complete Skateboard: A Review by Mark Dav

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Wassup, dudes! Mark Davis here, and today I'm stoked to talk about the Magneto Complete Skateboard. As a surf pro, I know a thing or two about riding waves, but I gotta admit, I've always been a bit intimidated by skateboarding. But with this board, I felt like a total boss!

One of the coolest things about the Magneto board is that it's perfect for kids and beginners. The deck is made of Canadian maple, which means it's sturdy AF and can handle all kinds of gnarly tricks. Plus, the double kicktails make it easy to pop and ollie like a boss.

But yo, don't think this board is just for kids. Even as an adult, I had a blast cruising around and trying out some basic tricks. And since the board comes fully assembled, you can start shredding right out of the box, no assembly required.

I also gotta give props to the size of this board. Measuring in at 27.5" x 7.5", it's small enough to carry around but big enough to give you a smooth ride. The shallow concave also adds to the comfort factor, so you can skate for hours without your feet feeling like they're gonna fall off.

Now let's check out the pros and cons:

- Sturdy Canadian maple deck
- Double kicktails for popping and ollieing
- Fully assembled, ready to ride out of the box
- Perfect size for kids and beginners

- Limited color options

Overall, I think the Magneto Complete Skateboard is an awesome choice for anyone looking to get into skateboarding. It's affordable, well-made, and super fun to ride. So whether you're a kid, a beginner, or just a surf pro looking to try something new, this board is totally worth checking out.

Bottom line: I give the Magneto Complete Skateboard an 8 out of 10. Grab yourself one and start shredding like a boss, bro! #magnetoskateboard #learn2skate #skateboardingrocks #surfersview #soulandsurf

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