Hanging Ten with the Wave Bandit Performer 6'4" Blue

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As a surfer dude, I am always looking for the next big wave to catch. That's why I was stoked to try out the Wave Bandit Performer 6'4", Blue. Let me tell you, this board is the real deal. It's designed for graceful shredding, making it a top choice for easier paddling and smoother turns. Plus, it's a killer option for when the waves start pumping!

One of my favorite things about this board is its rounded pin tail and wider outline. It makes it easy to paddle out and catch waves, even when the conditions aren't perfect. And when the waves do start pumping, the Performer 6'4" can handle it like a champ. I felt in control and confident riding even the biggest waves.

This board would be a great fit for any level of surfer, from beginners to advanced riders. It's stable enough for beginners to learn on, but has enough performance features for experienced riders to have some fun. And if you're a big wave surfer like Nathan Florence or Justine Dupont, the Performer 6'4" can help you take on some serious swells.

- Great for all skill levels
- Stable and easy to paddle
- Performs well in bigger waves

- Limited color options (only comes in blue)

In conclusion, the Wave Bandit Performer 6'4", Blue is a fantastic board for any surfer looking for a reliable and versatile option. It's easy to paddle, performs well in various wave conditions, and is suitable for riders of all skill levels. The only downside is the limited color options, but that's a small price to pay for such a great board. So, whether you're shredding the waves at Mavericks or just hitting up your local surf and swim spot, the Wave Bandit Performer 6'4" has got you covered.

Bottom Line: Hang ten with the Wave Bandit Performer 6'4", Blue. It's a versatile and reliable board that can handle any wave conditions. Rating: 8.5/10

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