Surfing the Streets with the Shark Attack Longboard!

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Are you ready to ride the waves of concrete like a true surfer dude? Look no further than the Street Surfing Shark Attack Zelfrijdend Koa Black 11-02-001-2 Longboard! This bad boy is perfect for anyone looking to catch some air surfing the city streets or cruising around town like a single man on a mission.

With a length of 36 inches and a multicoloured design that screams "surfcity," this board is the perfect fit for any real man looking to channel his inner John John Florence or Mick Fanning. And let's be honest, who wouldn't want to ride like those legends?

But don't let the stylish design fool you, this board is packed with useful features as well. The zelfrijdend technology allows you to surf with ease, making it perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike. And the Koa Black construction ensures that this board can handle even the gnarliest of waves (or streets).

If you're looking for a board that can handle anything, this is it. Whether you're hitting up a surf camp or just riding around the neighborhood, the Shark Attack Longboard has got your back. So don't be a kook, get on board with the pros and start riding like Garrett McNamara or Rene Lacoste.

- Stylish and versatile design
- Zelfrijdend technology for easy surfing
- Koa Black construction for durability

- Some may find the multicoloured design too flashy

In conclusion, the Street Surfing Shark Attack Zelfrijdend Koa Black 11-02-001-2 Longboard is the perfect board for anyone looking to ride the streets like a surfer. With its stylish design and useful features, it's a great fit for beginners and experienced riders alike. So if you're ready to channel your inner surf god, grab this board and hit the pavement.

Bottom Line: 8.5/10

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